Not So Great Moments in Female Sports Fan History.

It is fantastic to see fiercely loyal, sports savvy, women in the stands at all types of sporting events. Usually the sight of a gaggle of girls cheering on the home team would warm my heart, but in some cases, it turns my stomach. In the case of the latter, I present to you: Not So Great Moments in Female Sports Fan History.

The Chase Chicks.

Chase Chicks

They’re tan, they look good in yellow, they love baseball, and sometimes they molt. The Chase Chicks gathered at Philadelphia Phillies games in the summer of ’06 to cheer on their favorite second baseman, Chase Utley.  This group of girls donned all yellow and sometimes feathers (get it, “Chicks”?) and managed to create a weird juxtaposition to the normal crop of spirited, slightly drunken Philly fans. As things like this do, the Chase Chicks faded away. Perhaps the forlorn high school gals hung it up after Chase’s fairytale wedding in early 2007. As for where they are now, I would venture to guess sleeping their way through their freshman and sophomore years at Rutgers or Drexel? Just a guess.

In the spirit of Glamour magazine’s famous DO’s and DON’Ts I would say to these young ladies:

DO support your team

DO love your players

DO try and wear your team colors even if you insist on dressing like you just came from field hockey practice.

and most importantly

DON’Twear feathers to an MLB game- unless you’re the San Diego Chicken. Stay Classy!



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