Prince Fielder steals second. September 29, 2007. The Associated Press.


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NBA Playoff Hottness Factor: Pistons v. Sixers

Tonight the NBA playoffs kick, er TIP off. There are some pretty obvious front runners in the mix this year (Boston) but there are also some serious underdogs as well. On the subject of underdogs I will take a look at the hottie force of the Sixers, and looking at the front runners, the Pistons. Tonight’s match up, from the team record standpoint, should heavily favor the Pistons. However, I like to think that maybe the W’s and L’s aren’t EVERYTHING when it comes to playoff magic.

Andre Iguodala, the new AI in Philly, has averaged about 20 points per game this season. He’s battled some nagging injuries at the tail end of the season but he is also considered to be a difference maker and power player for a Philly team short on playoff experience.

Andre (because we’re on a first name basis) stands 6’6″ tall, has been playing in the NBA for three years, and majored in education at Arizona. I’d like him to teach me a thing or two… hmm.. what?


Then there is Jason Smith. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think that he has been a terribly GREAT player for the Sixers this year. It’s his first full season with them and he’s only averaging about 15 minutes in each game. However, I’d like to think that maybe his first experience in the playoffs could be great for young Mr. Smith.  Like, for instance, if 3 other players suffer game-ending injuries in the same night, he could be right there to swoop in and save the game. … It could happen.

Jason Smith played for the Colorado State Rams. His middle name is Victor which is both dorky and adorable all at the same time. He looks as sweet as pie- I like to imagine that his mom still packs halftime snacks for him before games with little “good luck notes” tucked between the orange wedges.


The Pistons’s Aaron Afflalo has been hot and cold on the court this season, but he’s been consistently hot… to me… in my pants… drool. The biceps alone have got to count for something. There are a lot of other extremely talented players on the Pistons roster, but Aaron has got the hottness edge, and frankly, that’s what this article is all about. There are a billion other blogs on the Internet that will examine to death every angle of the NBA playoffs, I chose to take this angle. And Afflalo could choose any damn angle he wants. Go on with your bad self!


My predictions? Honestly, I don’t think the Sixers have much of a chance, but they’ll look spectacular trying. The Pistons are a pretty powerful team with a great record. It will be a fun series to watch, but judging by the score (46-51 at the time of writing) it won’t because of the great competition on the court. I could be wrong, though. It has happened from time to time.

UPDATE: Sweet Jesus what an ending. The Sixers just rocked Auburn Hills. Anything really CAN happen in the playoffs.


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Easily Amused

I do this because I love I Can Has Cheezburger  and because simple things make me laugh.


Georgia v. Auburn, 2006.  The Associated Press.

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Give Up the Dream: Eli Manning to Wed.

There is one less eligible quarterback in the NFL. NY Giants QB, Eli Manning is set to wed his fiancee, Abby McGrew, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, this weekend. The couple are college sweethearts. Kill me with a dull, rusty, spoon- could the Manning family BE anymore perfect?

Eli, who fought back all of the NY fans who considered him to be a choke artist, by leading the team to victory over the undefeated New England Patriots in the Superbowl this year, has seemingly got it all. He and Abby will reportedly have a small ceremony at the $2600 a night luxury resort. Isn’t that nice?

Lil’ Manning has always been a favorite of mine and a favorite of ladies all over the country. Though, considered the less marketable brother (he’s only got a handful commercials while older brother, Peyton is in 1 out of every 3 on TV), his puppy dog eyes and boyish charm have lead him to win over hearts. BUT don’t be so sad, girls, there are plenty more eligible men in the NFL. Hel-lo Mr. Quinn.


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Not So Great Moments in Female Sports Fan History.

It is fantastic to see fiercely loyal, sports savvy, women in the stands at all types of sporting events. Usually the sight of a gaggle of girls cheering on the home team would warm my heart, but in some cases, it turns my stomach. In the case of the latter, I present to you: Not So Great Moments in Female Sports Fan History.

The Chase Chicks.

Chase Chicks

They’re tan, they look good in yellow, they love baseball, and sometimes they molt. The Chase Chicks gathered at Philadelphia Phillies games in the summer of ’06 to cheer on their favorite second baseman, Chase Utley.  This group of girls donned all yellow and sometimes feathers (get it, “Chicks”?) and managed to create a weird juxtaposition to the normal crop of spirited, slightly drunken Philly fans. As things like this do, the Chase Chicks faded away. Perhaps the forlorn high school gals hung it up after Chase’s fairytale wedding in early 2007. As for where they are now, I would venture to guess sleeping their way through their freshman and sophomore years at Rutgers or Drexel? Just a guess.

In the spirit of Glamour magazine’s famous DO’s and DON’Ts I would say to these young ladies:

DO support your team

DO love your players

DO try and wear your team colors even if you insist on dressing like you just came from field hockey practice.

and most importantly

DON’Twear feathers to an MLB game- unless you’re the San Diego Chicken. Stay Classy!


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A Coming Attraction



Not your grandmother’s sports blog.

Welcome to: The Girl in the Stands, a sports blog that likes to wear heels. … But not to the game- you don’t wear heels to the game. In the next few days and weeks I (your fearless writer) will be launching into regular posts about sports with a feminine slant. And by feminine slant I basically mean oogling the hot players. Think of it as sexual harassment that wears a skirt and knows a lot about the game.

For linking inquiries and other questions please comment here. Thank you.

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