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Random Off-Season Hottness: Brady Quinn.

I am back after a LONG week (and then some) of work and weddings. It’s amazing how many things can keep a person from sports hottie writing!

Today, rather than focus on the myriad of playoff games that are going on or the second full month of major league baseball that’s heating up, I’d rather take a look at a man who probably isn’t doing a whole lot of actual playing right now: Brady Quinn.

I’d like to imagine that whatever it is that Mr. Quinn does in the off season, it involves being in the out-of-doors and being scantily clad. Perhaps he enjoys doing some yard work, or maybe he just likes fanning me whilst I sway in a hammock. It could go either way.

Perhaps, he’s more into indoor pursuits. In which case, I think he’s probably keeping busy by pondering his next big haircut move and how Cleveland Orange compliments his eyes.

However, in reality, I am guessing he’s busy with mini-camps, photo shoots, and filming more ads for that questionable, post-workout energy potion.

Here are some down-time pics of BQ (not plain) to tickle your fancy.


He also might be watching Rock of Love (I and II) marathons on VH1… It’s possible.

See you at training camp!

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