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Not So Great Moments In Female Sports Fan History

You can love your team in many ways. You can wear their logo, deck out your car in bumper stickers, make your home into a shrine to them, or even buy seasons tickets to their games. However, it is generally illegal to run out onto the field to give them kisses of appreciation.

Let’s go back, wayyy back before the intarwebs, before the CD player, and before some of you were even born. The year is 1971 and a 17 year old baseball fan named Morganna Roberts is seated in the front row at a Cincinnati Red’s game. On an alleged dare from a friend, Morganna left normal fanhood, and entered into infamy. She vaulted onto the field (her and her enormous fake breasts) and planted a kiss on Pete Rose. Thus, Morganna The Kissing Bandit was born.

Over her career, Morganna kissed many famous names including Nolan Ryan and Don Mattingly. Each time she was arrested for disorderly conduct but each kiss made her a legend. She even made appearances on late night TV.

These days, Morganna, that crazy recluse, grants no interviews and is basically in hiding. Can you imagine if someone tried to do this today? They would take one step on the field and be shot by a sniper… or taken into custody to be questioned by Homeland Security. And I’m sure the players these days who are now getting multi-million dollar contracts wouldn’t be amused either if some crazy yet busty lady kept trying to kiss them while they were at bat.

Man, they’re no fun.

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